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European Christmas

Happy New Year everyone!

I think it’s been about a month since I’ve posted anything. I’m so sorry for my delay. I’m going to go back in time to share my experiences of the holiday season. Of course I was here in Spain, but I also went to Germany to visit my good friend, her husband, and her baby boy who is my godson. I hope you enjoy the next few posts of my Euro holidays!

I’m dedicating this post to the holiday decorations. One of my favorite things was that in every town in Spain, the main streets had lights strung across them with various designs. It gave each place its own magical ambiance. In my town, they also decorated a big tree and put lights on the city council building that is located along the water. It was such a nice view from my apartment.

In every Catholic church, there is always a Nativity scene, called Belen in Spanish. One in Belgium was almost life size and another in Mallorca had many moving parts that made it come to life. Also in Mallorca, they constructed a whole village with a live Nativity.

In Spain, they celebrate Christmas, Navidad, and also Dia de los Reyes, which celebrates when the Three Kings arrived at the manger where Jesus was born. There is a particular Christmas decoration that I found quite funny. It is Santa Claus on a ladder. It is hung outside of windows or on balconies. This decoration was EVERYWHERE! In Mallorca, I found a balcony that had both Santa Claus and the Three Kings. I don’t know where this decoration tradition came from, but I loved it!

Its fun to see how different countries decorate for the holiday. I really enjoyed my European Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “European Christmas

  1. This is such a fun post! I love all the pics, and am of course partial to the ones from Mallorca. :) All of them turned out so good! I’ll have to show Katie and Paul your Three Kings and Santa pic — they thought these decorations were the funniest things, too!

    1. Gracias! It feels good to get a post up after so much time. Yes, those decorations are my favorite! Dang, now I’m thinking I should have bought one to take back…maybe I’ll see if they still have them in the China shop, haha!

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