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Happy 6 Months!

Being a newlywed is something special. People always ask after the wedding, “Does it feel different?” I remember getting this question right after the wedding, and I continue to get it. In short, yes it’s different. Here’s the long answer:

I remember the wedding weekend. Both of us had family in town and we hosted some small gatherings before the wedding for families to meet. Then there was the blessed event and reception, which was such a treasured day. The Sunday following the wedding my parents hosted a BBQ where all the family and many friends from out of town were able to gather one last time before they returned home. My parents back yard was full, and it was a continuation of the reception: chatting with people, catching up, talking about the day before, etc. In all the madness of entertaining guests, there were moments where Mauricio and I would steal glances at each other and lock eyes. The way he looked at me had such a deeper meaning and made me feel something I hadn’t felt before we got married. Like our hearts were talking and saying, “Now we are one. We are going to take on this life together. I’m so proud to call you my husband/wife.”

Over these first six months of marriage, those glances have turned into touches, words and other means of expression. Each day in some new way I feel so loved. Of course, it’s not a fairy tale all day, every day, but each day there is at least one moment where I think back to our wedding day and just cherish the sacrament we shared and our love for each other. We have many challenging moments ahead and also so many joys to look forward to. I’m so thankful to have Mauricio as my forever partner.

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