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Matías is 1 Month!


It’s hard to believe that a month has already passed by since we traveled to Texas to meet our son. Matías has brought so much joy to our lives. He is so fun to watch and he changes every day.

He really loves to bring his hands to his face and he most definitely does this while he’s eating. Sometimes his hands get in the way of the bottle, but it’s just so sweet to see that instant reaction. We are lucky that it is summer time because he loves to be outside. We sit with him on our back porch, go on walks and try to get outside on any occasion. He is also loving his new world. He lifts his head and loves to look around. I have been carrying him in the sling more recently because he can just move his head around and see everything.

We look forward to all the changes to come, but hope it doesn’t go by to fast! He is such a blessing and we are so in love :)

2 thoughts on “Matías is 1 Month!

  1. I love that you guys have this so I can keep up with what’s happening in his and your life. Love you guys

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