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Loving the Spanish Siesta

I remember the hours of siesta when I studied abroad in Madrid in 2002, but because I was in such a big city, they didn’t really affect me. Most everything remained open. Only the very small/local shops closed mid-day.

Things are much different in the smaller towns. They fully embrace the siesta hours, and I’ve come to as well. However, it still takes some getting used to. I’m finished at the school everyday at 2:30pm and sometimes want to run errands. This is difficult because pretty much everything is closed from 2:00-4:00pm, sometimes earlier or later than this, but these 2 hours are the average. The only things that remain open are the bigger supermarkets and the bars/restaurants.

During the first weeks, I’d head out after school to get a few things done, and walk up to the doors only to find them closed! It can be a bit frustrating, but that’s just the way things are done around here. I’ve actually come to really enjoy this time. I arrive home from school and make lunch, do a little reading, watch some Spanish television, and eventually find myself falling asleep on the couch. (basically a version of the image above, haha!) By around 4:30ish I’m up, feel refreshed, and I’m ready to continue the day. It’s a great way to break up the day and something that I look forward to now!

4 thoughts on “Loving the Spanish Siesta

  1. Your mom and brother have been enjoying a siesta since we left Vancouver yesterday. Granted, I did have a short one, but as you know, I drive. We stopped in Fairfield, Ca so we can hit the Jelly Belly factory for their, and our, famous Belly Flops. It seems to be a new stopping point when visiting California. Heading to breakfast. Talk to you soon.



  2. Sara Sundborg says:

    I remember seistas when i studied abroad in mexico!! Your blog is awesome…i didn’t realize that you had one until now!! Book club kinda fizzled out when you left, but im still reading too…we’lk have to compare books!

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