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Matías is 11 months and we celebrate receiving the adoption match phone call

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How have 11 months past already?! This post is a week late, but kind of for a reason…

Today marks the 1 year anniversary when we received the phone call from American Adoptions that a couple had chosen us to adopt their baby boy. I’m starting to get emotional just thinking back to that moment. I remember that day. We had invited some good friends over for brunch and were relaxing on the couch after they left to just unwind from the morning activity. My cell phone rang and it was a number I didn’t recognize and at that moment, I wondered “could this be the agency?” In fact it was!

I got Mauricio’s attention and put the call on speaker phone so we could both hear the news together. I took frantic notes about all the details they gave us. They thought she was due that very day, so right after the call we called our families and then both emailed our employers to let them know that we could be leaving at any moment. It was a very crazy, exciting, and emotional day! Even though it ended up being a few more weeks before he was born and we made the trip to Texas to meet him, we worked fast getting his nursery ready, getting advice from friends who had adopted and traveled on what to bring/pack, buying baby supplies for the trip, and just preparing ourselves the best we could for what was about to happen.

My struggles with infertility are still present and will always be a part of my story, however, when I look into the eyes of my son, I know that this was the way it was suppose to happen. Mauricio and I were able to grow so much in the 4 years of marriage we had before becoming parents. The support of our friends, family, and church community have made this journey so special. Having our faith to ground us has allowed us to trust God’s plan for our family and He has delivered more than we had ever expected. Even though it hasn’t even been a year since we brought our son home, it’s hard to imagine life before him. We are overjoyed with how our world has changed these past 11 months.

Here are some pictures of this past month, including Easter, Matías’ Baptism, his first cold, and enjoying the slowly changing weather to sunnier days!

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