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Matías turns 10 months!

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I seriously can’t believe that we are in the double digit months already! How have 10 months passed by so quickly? Our baby boy continues to fill us with so much joy, it’s incredible!

Earlier in April, we did the unthinkable and made a trip down to LA and back in the same day…I know, we are crazy right?! Well, Mauricio has been working diligently with the Consulate of Ecuador getting all the necessary papers, signatures, stamps, etc. to have Matías registered in Mauricio’s country of birth. We finally had everything ready, so an appointment was set for us to present Matías and all of the documents at the Consulate of Ecuador in Los Angeles, CA. We left on a 6:30am flight, arrived, drove to the Consulate, waited for them to process everything (about 3 hours), drove back to the airport and got on a 3:30pm flight back home…phew! what a day!!

Matías did incredibly well. He’s been an amazing traveler since day 1 (well day 11 when we flew home with him from Texas). I’m the one who is anxious and full of worry for him and for all the other passengers. Who wants to be “that family” that has the screaming baby? Every time we fly with him, he does so great. We’ve been lucky to get an extra seat from time to time where we can place him in his own carseat. This helps immensely! He is able to sleep much better than in my arms. And if he does get a little fussy, the flight attendants have no problem with us bouncing around with him in the back of the plane. They love having him!

Another item of preparation for the summer and our trip to Ecuador was enrolling in a mommy and baby swim class. It was so much fun! Matías loved to be in the water. He wasn’t so sure about having water poured over his head, but he’s getting more and more used to it. The instructor even dunked him under a few times, and he did just fine!

He continues to crawl like a Speedy Gonzales and pull himself up on anything he can get to, including mom, dad, grandma, etc. He’s let go a few times and stood all by himself for a second or two, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we find him taking some steps in the near future. He’s a brave little guy (which makes mommy very nervous!). And finally, to round out this month, he got his first two teeth! The little bottom front teeth have popped out. Maybe more will make their appearance soon!