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Bienvenidos a Miami

At the beginning of March, I had some days off from school, so I decided to take a big trip. The trip was with my boyfriend, Mauricio, and we decided to take on Miami. The first part of the journey was just getting out of my town…

To get to the closest “big” city, I have to take 2 buses (about 1.5 hrs). From that city, Ferrol, I have to catch another bus to the city with the airport, Santiago de Compostela (about 2 hours, which includes first going to the bus station, then changing buses to get to the airport). After that, I had a flight to Madrid with a 4 hour layover (5 hours with 1hr flight). And finally, the big mamma flight to Miami (10 hours). So the entire journey from Spain to Miami took approximately 20 hours! BUT of course it was all worth it :-)

Miami is an amazing city. I loved all the latin culture and that almost everyone speaks Spanish! Mauricio and I enjoyed Ecuadorian food (his country) and Cuban food (on Calle Ocho, aka Little Havana). The nightlife is awesome and we went salsa dancing back to back nights. Being tourists, we took advantage of an air boat tour of the Everglades. The boat glided over the water so smoothly, and I could feel the tranquility of the wetlands. We saw many crocs, turtles and several types of birds. Of course, staying in Miami Beach, we enjoyed la playa and even took a dip in the chilly and salty Atlantic.

The journey to and fro was quite exhausting with flights, layovers, delays, buses and just waiting around, BUT once I arrived to my destination, the trip was relaxing, fun, adventurous, y vale la pena (worth the trouble). I have to say that it was really nice to get a taste of the USA for a weekend, see a part of my country that I´ve never been to before, and experience a wonderful weekend with someone very special.

Instead of photos this post, I decided to try my skills with video. I took a few short clips of video on the Everglades tour, so I combined those with our photos along with one of our songs. I hope you enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Bienvenidos a Miami

  1. Es la cancion de Alicia y Alejandro! Buen trabajo, Christine, en el video! Muy bien hecho. Los fotos son bellisimos tambien. :)

  2. Nice blog mi amor, me alegro que te haya gustado la comida ecuatoriana por que es lo único que se cocinar :-)
    Próxima parada Cariño, España muy pronto
    Love you

  3. Very nice message and awesome video. I also watched your attempt to eat 12 grapes. Those grapes are huge and if they have seeds, that sucks.

    Lots of love,


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