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Thanksgiving in Spain

It’s always hard to be away from home, but its the hardest around the holidays. Thanksgiving marks the first of several holidays that I will be missing with family and friends back home during my year in Spain. Luckily I have met 2 girls from the states that live very close to me, and I’ve been able to hang with them a lot and even take some trips together. Along with Kate and Ashton, I have a good friend from home, Mary, who is in Mallorca, Spain. Our Barcelona trip is still fresh in my mind, and I look forward to seeing her again on her island for New Years. I’m very thankful to have them all as part of my Spanish family.

I went to a neighboring town to celebrate Thanksgiving. Kate’s school was hosting a dinner with the students learning English. There was turkey and a Spanish version of stuffing, which was quite tasty. I made the closet thing to apple pie that I could, and everyone really like it! It was so nice to share a meal with some new friends.

I am thankful for having the opportunity to be living in Spain and soaking up the rich culture and language. I am thankful to have amazing family and friends who are always supportive of me and the decisions I make. I feel blessed each day to have new experiences and more things to be thankful for.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Spain

  1. Looks like the Thanksgiving Day feast in Spain was fun! Your pie looks like it turned out well; totally jealous of your stove with a temperature gauge!

    Like you, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic right now, with Thanksgiving this weekend and Christmas right around the corner. These adventures are definitely worth taking, but that doesn’t make us miss our loved ones any less. :)

    We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~Thornton Wilder

    1. Great quote! You know how I am about quotes :-)

      I’ll always miss home when I’m away from it, but some adventures and experiences are worth it. I’m so glad to be doing what I’m doing right now, but can’t wait to see everyone at home!

  2. Hey Christine,

    I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving! Thinking about you and your far-away adventures during this holiday season. Stay safe and happy.
    Con carino,

  3. I’m glad to see you got to have somewhat of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I remember when I was studying in Santander it was around Thanksgiving that I started to feel pangs of homesickness for the first time. The students in my group and I decided to try to share the holiday w/ our hosts. We rented out a bar and did potluck style T-Day dinner (to the best of our ability w/ what we had on-hand) w/ the help of our Spanish families. Somebody’s folks sent over some vhs tapes of old Dallas Cowboys football games and we had those playing in the background. It was a hit!

    1. That sounds awesome! I remember when I studied in Madrid, we found a TGIFriday’s that was doing a Thanksgiving dinner. I was sick and couldn’t taste anything, but it was nice to at least share the holiday with friends and some traditional food!

  4. Christine I,m replying a bit late but I still wanted to comment on your pie.The crust ,filling and the fluted crust looks very professional.We’ll have to have you make one for us when you return home.Where did you get the recipe? love mom.

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